Content Management System Implementation

The world seems to be moving faster and people constantly expect more, fresh information at their finger tips.  How can my overworked digital marketing team keep up?  While the answer is probably complex the starting point is clear.  A contemporary Content Management System (CMS) is the foundation of the answer; it empowers your digital marketing team to deliver relevant and fresh content to your customers.

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Make Your Content Work For You

What is an enterprise CMS?

You might be familiar with names like Drupal, WordPress, or even Adobe Experience Manager.  The number of content management systems is extensive and growing.  The key thing to know is that the good systems are merely frameworks for you to build a system that works for you and your team.  Your CMS may only deliver content to your website or it might deliver digital content to systems across your enterprise.  More importantly, if done correctly it will decrease your team’s workload and increase your customer’s satisfaction.    

What will a CMS do for you?

Manage your content.  

Make up for missing skillsets.  Talented digital resources are a hot commodity.  They’re hard to find and even harder to hold on to.  A great digital team member can handle HTML changes as well know the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  A well designed and implemented CMS will not replace these resources, especially when it comes to strategy, but it will help make sure your content is properly structured and presented day in and day out.

Rely less on IT.  Here’s a secret about developers in your IT department, they don’t particularly like making webpages.  They want to spend their time working on more complex software development.  Using a CMS to make and maintain your website will leave them to address other issues.  Ultimately, you’ll be able to move faster since you won’t have to wait for them to get to your requests.  Trust us, the developers will appreciate it and will also be more responsive when it comes time to build the complex parts of your CMS.

Share your content with the public and other systems.  Web, mobile, intranet, search platforms, ecommerce platforms, the list goes on and on.  All of these digital tools could use the same content your maintaining in your website.  We’ll spare you the details now, but if you’re thinking strategically we should talk about how content management systems can empower all of your digital platforms.



Impact Makers Approach

Understand the User.  It’s a mantra for us.  There are others that could take a strictly technical, prescriptive approach to “ship” you a content management system a bit faster but the end result would be a system that isn’t designed to work for you.

Contemporary CMS’s are frameworks. …time must be spent understanding organizational goals and aligning functionality…making them into an enterprise grade tool….

Should allow flexibility within brand guardrails.


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Want To See How We Did This In The Real World?

The Digital team at Impact Makers has extensive experience implementing Content Management Systems for clients.  Here is one of our favorite success stories.

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