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No-Sweat Vendor Selection

Compare and establish the right vendor for your unique needs. Enjoy a measured approach that aligns key stakeholders, vital documentation, and the broader business strategy. Take a breather while a trusted partner expertly manages the heavy lifting of implementation.

Input Overload

Removing Barriers

You’re hearing voices. Stakeholders, friends, big brand advertising, feature checklists, and probably your own mother are telling you which vendor is the one to go with, but how do you know who you can trust? Conducting comprehensive research and real-world tests, all the while juggling internal alignment, make the solution landscape seem like a blurry mirage.

Road To Success

Our Philosophy - slow down to move fast

Our Philosophy


Every project at Impact Makers starts with listening. We listen to stakeholders and review documentation to understand your needs at a granular level. Only then can we help you determine what’s vital to your business by understanding how requirements line up with long-term strategy.

Our Difference

  1. Impact Makers has proven to be an honest broker due to our dedication to each client’s unique needs and culture. After evaluating the content management needs of an academic medical center, we identified a legacy platform replacement solution that best met their needs, even though it wasn’t our preferred platform.
  2. While competitors rely on junior-level resources, our executive experience and strong Project Management skills set us apart. When helping one of the nation’s largest medical supply companies choose a new CMS, our teams worked so cohesively that the working relationship continued beyond the original project, leading to implementation of the new CMS and integration with a massive eCommerce platform.
  3. Impact Makers’ process is more than just digital. When helping a Fortune 10 medical supply company select a CMS, our cloud infrastructure, data, API, and PM expertise were all leveraged to ensure smooth selection and implementation.
Our Approach

Our Services


Our Services


  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Documentation collection & review
  • KPI identification
  • Business strategy needs assessment

Research & Analysis

  • Solution landscape review
  • Real-world tests
  • Evaluation & scoring

Decision Support

  • Comprehensive rubric
  • Vendor demo facilitation
  • Final scorecard
  • Implementation plan




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