DevSecOps Enablement

Exploit automation for speed and quality.

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DevOps, DataOps, DevSecOps—all of these terms can be classified by their shared emphasis on delivering software and its components quickly, safely, and consistently. Make software delivery faster by adopting technologies and processes that are repeatable and automatic. Enable higher throughput, increase innovation, and reduce manual and redundant activities. Enshrine processes as code to reduce human error and eliminate potential knowledge gaps.

Foster these skillsets and adopt a DevOps-first culture that unlocks future dividends through continual improvement while attracting and retaining top talent. Our DevOps consultants partner with your team to perform their role and elevate their skills.


DevSecOps Enablement Loop

Automation for Maximum Result
  • Hands-on engineering & implementation
  • Infrastructure-as-code & lifecycle-as-code
  • Configuration management
  • Build scripting
  • Test & deployment automation
  • Source control/branching strategy
  • Log/data aggregation
  • monitoring, measurement & instrumentation
  • Cloud-native solutions & tools
Software Delivery Lifecycle Definition & Chokepoint Identification
  • Assess the software delivery lifecycle.
  • Find technology,  organizational & process blockers with Snapshot WIP analysis.
  • Identify chokepoints & prioritize fixes for greatest value.
Organizational Adoption & Cultural Evolution
  • DevSecOps bridges the operations & development gap with scalable solutions.
  • Management workshops foster an Agile culture.
  • Player/coaches work side-by-side to transfer skills.



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