Strategy & Capability Alignment

Define your purpose and the business capabilities required to deliver it.

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Start with the end in mind. Understand how your organization’s capabilities fulfill your purpose. Prioritize investments and meet your goals. Ensure your strategy focuses transformation on maximizing customer value.

Use your key business capabilities and processes to inform delivery, methodologies and accountability. Our consultants identify the skills and ownership required to advance capabilities and provide transparency to the organization.

Create clarity of purpose
  • We work with clients to document enterprise strategic imperatives to drive alignment of business goals & capabilities.
  • The capabilities become the foundation for innovation, accountability & action.
Align capabilities to business & technology architecture
  • Anchored on the organization's purpose and strategies, we further define business capabilities by mapping them to existing business processes & technology architecture (applications, platforms & infrastructure).
  • Lean systems thinking & principles are core to our approach.
  • Identify current & future state including gaps, chokepoints & opportunities.
Build a more Agile delivery model
  • Understand how capabilities are currently delivered.
  • Map leaders & teams to applications & business processes.
  • Identify overlap & delivery gaps including any impacts as a result of existing organizational structures.
  • Create your vision for autonomous delivery teams.



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