Risk Management

Analyze your organization’s risks. Define security requirements, system compliance and accountability.

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Define risks and determine who is accountable for accepting them. Know where your sensitive data is stored. Define a standard set of requirements for systems and which of your systems comply. Assess the threats vendors present to your organization and ensure they comply with security requirements.

IT Risk Management is a core foundational element to any organization and includes the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks to primary assets. Our experts work with clients to build a Risk Management Program that enables the organization to analyze risks and make both strategic and tactical decisions.

Impact Makers Risk Management Framework

  • Information Security Risk Management
  • Third-Party Risk Management
  • Vulnerability Management
Program Components
  • Strategy
  • System & Data Classification
  • Risk Register
  • Controls Catalog
  • System Roles & Responsibilities Definitions & Training
  • System Security Plans
  • Monitoring Strategy
Program Oversight
  • Threat Assessment
  • Organizational & System Risk Assessments
  • Third-Party Risk Assessments
  • Pre-Procurement Risk Assessments


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