Cloud Services Consulting

It’s all about elevating IT to enable business strategy. Adopting leading-edge cloud capabilities (and making them stick) is how you get there.


Getting Out of Debt

Many are struggling to keep up, held back by technical debt, legacy systems, and lack of expertise. Throw in rapid technology enhancements and the need for DevOps to increase quality and speed, and organizations’ lack of speed to market is no secret. 

We know how to navigate the intricacies of cloud migrations, transformations, integrations, and the all-important adoptions along the way. We bring wisdom to the process, rather than dropping a one-size-fits-all playbook:


Deploying Cloud is an Art, not Just Science

  • Many paths to deployment are not helpful, but can be deceptive
  • Timing is everything – Sufficient capital investment must come at an organizational inflection point
  • Ever-changing factors in cloud require continual adaptation by organizations

Winners Commit, Losers Dabble

  • Realizing the value of cloud investments is all about smooth implementation, which requires full commitment
  • Many think a “gradual dabbling” approach will save money, but spending will soar above expectations
  • Dabblers will come to an inflection point where it’s not giving a return; it’s actually inciting risk
Cloud Strategy

We provide a succinct view of your organization’s readiness, develop a cloud strategy, an accelerated adoption path to improve business agility & value to customers. With your inputs, we design our Cloud Strategy consulting scope, that spans across these 4 areas:

  • Cloud Applicability & Readiness Assessment (Business Impact & Value)
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Strategy & Roadmap Development
  • Cost Modeling (TCO, ROI, Budgeting)
  • Target Operating Models & Transformation (Engagement, Portfolio, Service Management, DevOps, SecOps, Agile, Risk, Talent, Governance, Interoperability, etc.)
Cloud Applications

When organizations commit to cloud adoption, one of the first questions is which apps should ‘Go’ or ‘Not-Go’ into cloud. Once full committal is advised, we tackle the following tactics:

  • App & Data Portfolio Classification, Profiling & Planning
  • Architecture – Apps in the Cloud
  • App & Data Migration Factory (Lift & Shift, Refactor, Re-write/Serverless)
  • Niche Digitization
  • Cloud Ecosystem Design & Engineering (Infrastructure, Network, Risk, CI-CD, Platform)
  • IVR, Call Center Deployments in Cloud
  • NLP, Cognitive AI Design & Deployments
Cloud Infrastructure

Our guidance will help you instill iterative design & deployment to quickly & safely enable teams to pilot, elevate skill-set, release cloud product, and enable advanced cloud offerings across these infrastructure domains.

  • Jump-start Cloud Accelerator (6 weeks) – Demonstrates a fast & safe deployment of AWS cloud pilot for low-risk apps
  • Connectivity Design
  • Intra-cloud Architecture & Design
  • Common Services Accessibility & Modernization
Cloud Risk & Compliance

We provide expertise across following areas to accelerate your cloud adoption safely & aligned to your risk & compliance requirements. We eliminate guesswork, provide clear transparency on cloud controls effectiveness, iterative road map for higher maturity & deployment assistance. This allows you to select app profiles suitable for cloud migration, based on the risk appetite of your cloud Environment.

  • Cloud Security Controls Framework & Assessment
  • Secure Architecture & Design
  • Cloud SOC Design/Implementation
  • Cloud GRC Design/Implementation
Cloud Ops

This is what it all comes to: Cloud Ops encompasses the ability to define, design & implement IT Service management approach for your company, inclusive of all IT environments (cloud, hybrid & internal).

  • Operational Excellence in Cloud (ITSM, SAFe, Cost, TBM, Maturity Rubric)
  • Application Service Management
  • Financial Management

We work with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We are an Amazon Web Services Partner

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