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Configure, implement, and invigorate MS Project Portfolio Management core functionalities – and make it stick.

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We’ve seen it time and time again: adoption is key. You can get all the functionality in the world, but if your PPM isn’t successfully integrating into your culture, with your people, you’ll miss out on getting returns on your (rather large) investments. 

Microsoft is the largest PPM player in the United States, but there are only around 50 certified partners who can help with implementation and adoption. We are part of that elite group, and our crack team of consultants has seen it all. Our clients have come from across the spectrum, from the early stages on the cusp of implementation to needing help seeing why their implementation attempts are not going as planned. 

As rare Microsoft Silver Partners, we know implementing this powerful PPM can be a beast. We know how to make it work – and most importantly, make it stick.

Investment Optimization
  • Financial Management:  Control and measure project and portfolio financial performance
  • Time and Task Management:  Collect time and task status updates from team members so that plans can be adjusted accordingly
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting:  Measure project performance, build management dashboards, and gain visibility and control across programs and portfolios
  • Portfolio Selection and Analytics:  Objectively prioritize, optimize, and select project portfolios that best align with your business strategies
  • Financial System Integration: Connect Project Server/Online and Sharepoint and their data with other accounting systems
Resource Management
  • Team Collaboration:  Connect resources to store and share information and drive collaboration
  • Resource Metadata:  Capture and leverage information pertaining to costs and people
  • Enterprise Resource Leveling: Reallocate work from overbooked resources to those with spare capacity
  • Critical Path Planning: Manage resources to optimize focus on tasks in a project’s critical path
  • Capacity Planning:  Plan future enterprise resource needs based on an understanding of future work
  • HR Systems integrations: Connect Project Server/Online and Sharepoint with human resources systems to know your people even better
Operational Planning
  • Demand Management (Intake):  Capture all requests for work in a central repository, and manage them using governance workflow
  • Schedule Management:  Create and communicate simple and complex project schedules and their interdependencies
  • Issues and Risk Management:  Identify, reduce, and communicate issues and risks that could adversely affect project success
  • Program Management:  Initiate, plan, and deliver strategic collections of projects
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