Program & Project Management

How do I┬ámanage my organization’s multi-million dollar project on time, without sacrificing quality? With a transformation of this scale, where every day we’re late impacts the budget: how do I avoid these losses? Can Agile Transformation actually make us more nimble as an organization and my people’s workflow that much smoother?

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Improving Delivery Agility

We work with our clients to plan and manage both projects and programs from start to finish, delivering them in a more cost effective manner while not sacrificing quality. We provide our clients transformation-focused services. Our service offerings include a formal yet tailored approach to client needs. We provide certified professionals with deep PM and IT expertise. Regardless of where your organization stands in terms of planning the work or executing, we offer services to help you succeed.

Transformation Framework

Agile Project Management
  • Enterprise Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Agile Scrum for Teams and Organizations
  • Agile Kanban for Process and Quality Improvement
  • Agile Customized for Your Organization
Project Delivery Framework
  • Waterfall based delivery
  • For Projects, Programs and Portfolios
  • Overarching Monitor and Control process
  • Scalable for project size and complexity
Project Management Tools
  • Technology Agnostic Assessment
  • Recommendations
  • Planning & Implementation
  • Strong Partnerships

We’re technology agnostic, but if you choose to go with Microsoft PPM, we’re part of an elite group of Silver Partners.

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