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Winning! program management at it's best

Our Solution

We apply professional Program Management rigor to enable the successful delivery of complex change programs throughout an organization.  We also offer intense, structured and time-critical remedial action to turnaround the expected outcome of a failing program.  We have a history of taking over troubled multimillion-dollar projects from large, expensive consulting firms and getting them back on track, using sound project management discipline and open, honest communication.

1. Assess

  • Program/Project Readiness
  • Project Management Analysis

2. Plan

  • Program Definition
  • Project Methodology and Template Design
  • PM Player/Coaching

3. Act

  • Program/Project Delivery
  • Program/Project Rescue
  • Project Dependency Management
  • Program Quality Assurance
Demand Management

Centrally capture requests for work in a repository, and manage them using governance workflow

Portfolio Selection

Objectively prioritize, optimize, and select project portfolios that best align with defined business strategies

Schedule Management

Create and communicate simple and complex project schedules and their interdependencies

Resource Management

Proactively and reactively manage resources and their costs throughout the project life cycle. Reallocate work from overbooked resources to those with spare capacity, and focus on tasks in a project’s critical path.

Agile Integration

Manage the practices, artifacts and ceremonies of Agile methodologies, and effectively integrate them with team work processes and lifecycles

Capacity Planning

Plan future enterprise resource needs based on an understanding of future work

Financial Management

Control and measure project and portfolio financial performance

Task Management

Collect time and task status updates from team members so that plans can be adjusted accordingly

Team Collaboration

Connect resources to store and share information and drive collaboration

Risk Management

Identify, reduce, and communicate issues and risks that could adversely affect project success

Program Management

Initiate, plan, and deliver strategic collections of projects

We Brought Big Change to a Big Company

Impact Makers built and executed a large transformational program.

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