Our Revolutionary Model

Our revolutionary business model draws inspiration from the Newman’s Own model, where 100% of net profits goes back to the community.

Impact Makers' Social Enterprise Model

Giving Everything Away “Will Never Work”

That’s what they told Impact Makers, but we are determined to change the world.

This is the essence of the Impact Makers model: !m is the Newman’s Own of consulting. Newman’s Own donates 100% of net profits from every bottle of salad dressing or jar of pasta sauce purchased back to the community.

Instead of salad dressing, it’s every deployment of transformation services, data services, or strategy consulting that fuels Impact Makers’ model. Every engagement with a client increases !m’s annual giving to our community and nonprofit partners. This means that both our people and our clients are making a direct impact on the community just by doing business. Not only are there financial gifts, but Impact Makers also donates pro bono consulting services to increase the efficacy of its partners. On top of all that, 100% of the company’s equity has been gifted to community funds so that when Impact Makers grows large enough to be purchased, the entire value of the company will go back to the community.

At the end of the day, Impact Makers maintains a rare “triple bottom-line,” which consists of social impact, environmental impact, and profit margin. We compete on the basis of providing cutting-edge management and technology solutions to our clients, directing the fruits of our success to doing social good, and providing meaningful purpose to our employees.

In an industry that rarely sees disruption, Impact Makers is revolutionizing consulting. Every Impact Makers’ employee, whether executive, consultant, or assistant, is individually and collectively making impact, thus “democratizing philanthropy.” This motivates every !m-er every day. Impact Makers’ growth has been outpacing competitors ever since we started a decade ago, and it doesn’t look to be slowing anytime soon. Studies have shown that teams motivated by mission outperform those driven by profit alone, delivering both tangible and intangible value. Impact Makers is bolstering that argument in a big way.

Our ultimate goal, beyond all the community giving, is to inspire more social enterprises like !m. Never meant to be an outlier, Impact Makers wants to be a catalyst to change the way business is done.

Business is changing the world for better. Will you join the revolution?