Case Study

Automating Quarterly Reporting Processes



VAFCC supports Virginia’s network of free and charitable clinics to adapt to Virginia’s changing healthcare landscape to ensure that Virginia’s underserved residents have access to quality healthcare. VAFCC’s legacy practice of manual entry of quarterly reports caused an array of challenges:
  • High volume of manual document and email creation, leading to a minimum day-long process for entry completion.
  • Manual data entry processes allowed room for error.
  • Critical need for accurate data while dealing with state funding.


While implementing a modern Data Strategy for VAFCC, Impact Makers was granted a project extension to overcome reporting challenges challenges by:
  • Migrating VAFCC’s data from disconnected spreadsheets and databases to one uniform database in Azure.
  • Leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform (Apps, Power Automate, Power Automate Desktop, and Power BI) to increase the effectiveness of the association.
  • Provide employee training on low-code and Azure environments.


Implementation, Training, Microsoft Power Automate Desktop, Microsoft Azure

The Results

  • Automation capabilities allowed for real-time reporting, allowing processes to be completed in minutes instead of hours.
  • Client’s organization feels totally capable of running this process on their own and did so on the final production run.
  • Automated reporting reduces potential data-quality issues and provides an easily repeatable process.
  • Impact Makers training process provided employees with skills necessary for additional automation projects.