Our risk and security experts evaluate your environment and your controls to ensure your data, processes and people are protected from malicious activities. We partner with the business and IT to ensure the most critical controls are in place and operating effectively. We help to build and ensure governance processes are in place to ensure effective controls are in place to protect the business while ensuring it can continue to deliver results.


We strive to understand your business current state, desired future state and overall goals. We create an actionable plan with measurable outcomes, and leverage a cross functional team to collaborate and coach clients through execution.

Risk and Security Assessment and Mitigation

We perform risk and security assessments utilizing industry best practices and standards to evaluate IT and business controls to ensure they are operating effectively.
We use a risk based approach to determine the most critical vulnerabilities and work with our clients to develop solutions to effectively close control gaps.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing

We partner with the business and IT to evaluate critical processes and controls and ensure adequate business continuity and disaster recovery practices are in place.
We can help develop continuity plans and facilitate the testing of any current or new plans to provide assurance that in the event of an disaster or incident, the plans and processes will effectively allow the business to continue operations.

3rd Party Risk Management

We work with our client to develop a risk-based approach to evaluating their 3rd party suppliers, ensuring that the most focus is placed on the most critical suppliers.
We will evaluate a clients suppliers to ensure proper controls are in place to effectively protect their sensitive data and processes at their 3rd party providers.

  • Broad IT Subject Matter Experts
  • General IT Audit Experience
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Information Security Governance
  • General IT Audit Experience
  • Information Security Compliance
  • GAO Yellow Book Government Auditing Standards