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When working toward a goal, success relies on all stakeholders being in alignment over core principles, objectives, and key results. As a benefit corporation and founding B-Corp committed to driving both business and community value, Impact Makers is positioned as the perfect partner for clients seeking to enhance their data systems and processes. Our social business model aims to make an impact not only through our consulting engagements with clients but also by contributing our profits and equity to nonprofit community partners. 

Commercial Sector

Commercial Sector

The challenges facing business today are numerous.

Customers expect increased value from products, digital platforms, and service capabilities.  Regulations and increased threats demand compliance and security diligence. New innovations help disrupt traditional business models. Technology solutions abound, yet choosing the right fit and integration approach is challenging.

We help clients:

  • Innovate quickly with the right mix of new tech and legacy systems
  • Navigate dynamic regulatory and IT security requirements
  • Assess data and risk maturity; secure systems from increasing cyber threats
  • Harness data across the enterprise for business and customer value
  • Implement operating models that allow for flexibility and innovation; foster change adoption
  • Optimize and control business processes by leveraging Intelligent Process Automation and AI
Public Sector

Public Sector

No one else has more responsibility on their shoulders than public servants. As seasoned consultants and former public servants ourselves, we know from first-hand experience.

Whatever the level of resources, the job must get done. Cutting corners might result in compromises to public safety. Layer on ever-changing requirements, policies, and procedures, and it’s no surprise many feel like they’re playing catch-up. There is no more important work and it isn’t for the faint of heart.

We help clients:

  • Move critical projects forward to the finish line on the first try
  • Adapt smoothly to changing policies & procedures
  • Build a strong foundational culture of IT Security
  • Harness data across the government enterprise
  • Manage big change from top-to-bottom – and make it stick
  • Provide the right support to citizens in need so they can be successful
Higher Education

Higher Education

Higher education institutions face challenges balancing funding, increasing costs, and student affordability.

We have found that automating business processes can improve experiences and allow workers to apply themselves to the highest-value activities, enabling cost containment. Additionally, optimizing the support of research allows for better grant management and increased prestige, which in turn can attract both students and donors.

We help clients:

  • Quickly create self-serve research data environments which increase speed to outcomes and reduce costs to maximize grant dollars
  • Automate business with appropriate governance
  • Increase agility and flexibility
  • Realize maximum value from their data


Non-profit organizations have unique constraints and many of the same needs as commercial for-profit organizations.

As your partners, we understand the constraints encountered by non-profit organizations and are dedicated to helping your organization’s maturity so you can overcome the challenges that exist in today’s ever-changing landscape.

We help non-profit clients:

  • Optimize and automate processes
  • Assess and improve data and risk maturity
  • Articulate business strategies and build roadmaps
  • Harness the power of data and technology

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