Case Study

Data Mesh: Delivering Analytical Data Products at the Speed of Business

Financial Services

Businesses looking to scale at a fast pace require accelerated data solutions to reduce bottlenecks and lead time, while boosting productivity and workplace efficiency.


Mission Lane is a rapidly growing financial services firm dedicated to helping everyone in the community gain access to fair and clear credit. As the business continued to scale in 2021, Mission Lane revealed opportunities for enhancements to data product development and data management, including:
  • Reducing centralized bottlenecks that could affect scaling teams
  • Enhancing delivery of new and changed data
  • Future-proofing of data products to adapt and scale with business
  • Improving clear data ownership and data governance
  • Solutions to more easily find, learn, and become productive with data
  • Strengthen data coordination between growing teams


Mission Lane engaged Impact Makers’ data specialists to help:
  • Shift from centralized to Domain-Driven ownership and architecture
  • Establish data discovery through a data catalog with self-describing datasets
  • Establish domain data teams with onboarding materials and training
  • Build data products with heavy emphasis on data quality
  • Establish analytics engineering workflow to enable rapid development and deployment
  • Embed data governance and data security into the analytics engineering workflow


Data Governance, Data Management, Data Quality, Data Engineering, Data Profiling, Snowflake, dbt, Great Expectations

The Results

Through implementing the Data Mesh architecture in Snowflake, Mission Lane was able to realize:
  • 60% reduction of data product lead time
  • 600% improvement in time to productivity for data teams
  • 100% improvement in work efficiency through development
  • 500% increase in dataset curation
  • 50% increase in trust in data