Case Study

Data Science Enablement Via Customer Data Platform


We helped a travel industry client implement an agile data analytics strategy to improve time-to-market product deployments.


Our travel industry client was being held back by legacy data center platforms and their inability to leverage their customer data effectively. Their legacy environment lacked agility and provided limited real-time data access causing:
  • Long time-to-market for new analytical solutions
  • Higher operating costs​
  • Disjointed customer experiences caused by gaps in data
  • Missed sales opportunities
  • Reactive management of data security and privacy risks


Impact Makers Data Analytics experts:
  • Delivered multi-layered architecture for a Cloud Data Platform including a data lake, streaming hub, data refineries, data warehouse, user sandboxes, analytic workbenches, and data governance tools​
  • Guided delivery teams using enterprise and data architecture as “North Star”​
  • Enabled automated ingestion and lineage for data lake using a data registry​
  • Architected solutions for security, access control, monitoring, data tokenization, and individual rights​
  • Applied agile delivery principles and orchestrated a multi-team program; provided Scrum training and coaching to enable agile advanced analytics​
  • Established operational data governance framework


The Results

By utilizing Impact Makers’ expertise, our client gained:
    • Enabled agile analytical solutions: Every day, 1000+ datasets are automatically ingested from files and streams, 40 data scientists are developing models, hundreds of data pipelines populate data warehouse tables for user queries and dashboards
  • Projected revenue increase of $7.5M - 30M because of optimized global marketing ​and client experience
  • Improved propensity and acquisition models resulting in a +8.5-10% lift​
  • Operating cost reduction of over $3M due to legacy system retirements