Case Study

Developing Strategies for Operational Policy Documentation



During a period of strategic planning, our client, a state healthcare agency, determined that its operations could be enhanced by the development of Operational Policy documentation. Through the development of this documentation process, our client hoped to:
  • Identify key inputs, resources, approvals, outputs, and customers.
  • Delineate where process elements must be performed in a particular manner or to particular specifications, and where variability in the process is permissible.
  • Identify bottlenecks, pain points, and other areas of friction in these processes and develop recommendations to resolve potential issues.


  • Develop the Operational Policy documentation, reviewing existing documentation, as available, and gather the source material for the process documentation.
  • Develop process improvement recommendations.
  • Identify current state process pain points, bottlenecks, and other inefficiencies and develop plans to remediate them.
  • Conduct a project retrospective, identifying and documenting overall best practices and lessons learned for the project.
  • Consolidate process improvement recommendations identified during the project into a deliverable that coordinates improvement recommendations, addresses dependencies, and provides a plan to implement the process improvements.


Process Development, Project Management, Tableau, Visio

The Results

Impact Makers provided the client validated process maps and documentation for 12 processes in their Finance and Technology Divisions, and a go-forward recommendations. !M also:
  • Facilitated the visualization of their data using Tableau.
  • Positioned Finance and Technology Division leadership to make strategic decisions regarding process improvements by providing detailed recommendations.
  • As a result of this work, Impact Makers’ work was so highly regarded that our client’s Finance and Accounting Division Leadership requested an extension of the project to complete the documentation of the divisions’ processes