Case Study

Elections Readiness and Resiliency Assessment

Public Sector

We helped a local government assess the vulnerabilities of their elections infrastructure to ensure the security of their electoral process.


Our client, a county government, was concerned about the reliability of their voting services could:
  • Negatively impact its citizens
  • Erode public confident in the electoral cycle
  • Impact services delivered through the electoral process
To provide the necessary protection for its elections infrastructure, the client engaged Impact Makers to advise on best-practice implementation process approach for election security.


Impact Makers’ security experts:
  • Worked collaboratively with the client, combining Impact Makers’ experience and expertise with the client’s deep knowledge of their environment and systems to create a custom solution
  • Conducted an Impact Analysis, Risk Assessment, and a Security Assessment and Authorization Plan.
  • Conducted end-to-end system analysis
  • Provided detailed elections cybersecurity improvement recommendations and action steps for implementation


Communication, negotiation, time management, critical thinking, PowerPoint, Teams, Excel, and Word. Business Impact Analysis, Risk Assessment, Security Assessment and Authorization Plan

The Results

Based upon Impact Makers’ efforts, the client was able to:
  • Ensure they were able to address the priorities and risks identified in the National Cybersecurity Review (NCSR) published by the Center of Internet Security (CIS)
  • Meet local election security standards
  • Have confidence in their ability to protect their elections infrastructure