Case Study

Implementing Mission-Critical Software


Enabling 40% in total yearly savings by implementing new architecture and processes while also increasing efficiency, simplicity and morale.


Perlman+Perlman (Perlman) provides comprehensive legal advice to philanthropic enterprises. In its role as a state registration and compliance service provider, Perlman manages all state filings for nonprofits.

Perlman uses a CRM instead of a traditional case management system and a PerfectLaw accounting system. They cannot be integrated, causing delays and costs due to manual work arounds. In addition, Perlman seeks features that are not available in any law-office solution on the market.

My firm engaged Impact Makers to help identify possible software solutions and IT customization for our core business functions. Their advice, professionalism and responsiveness were beyond outstanding. We were extremely satisfied with the work product and the wise advice provided.

Seth Perlman, Managing Partner Perlman & Perlman LLP


Our approach to this problem had several aspects: reviewing current processes, re-engineering processes to increase throughput, researching alternatives, and making recommendations. Impact Makers was well positioned to develop a plan for solving Perlman’s problems because of our strong advisory capability in partnership with our data solutions expertise. We suggested a new case management system already integrated with a new accounting system and client portal, as well as two custom software products for creating case documentation and for submission of those documents to state agencies both swiftly and efficiently.


Law operations expertise, process analysis, process re-engineering, product analysis and selection, solution development

The Results

By following through with our recommendations, Perlman will achieve the following lift to its business, enabling their staff to do more and make growth possible.
  • Eliminate several work arounds involving spreadsheets and manual data entry
  • New ability to reach out to clients through a secure portal
  • Ability to assemble complex documents from data in the case management system automatically in bulk
  • Ability to submit forms and documents to state agencies automatically instead of one at a time by hand
In addition to improved morale, as well as increased efficiency, simplicity, and productivity, Perlman will continue to reduce costs in case management licenses, accounting system licenses, hosting costs, support costs, and credit card fees. Total savings in the first year was 40% over their current architecture and processes. The first year’s savings alone paid for implementation of the new architecture and systems.