Case Study

IT Operating Model Transformation

Financial Services

We helped a financial services client develop a roadmap and begin implementing a value-driven operating model.


Our financial services client requested the development and execution of an integrated, value-based operating model to ensure a more strategic approach to how IT delivers business outcomes to its customers, while also empowering people to grow within the organization. They were concerned that they did not have the expertise and resources to execute this plan successfully.  They asked IM to develop a value-driven operating model, implementation plan, relevant success metrics, a plan for utilizing use cases, and provide OCM services to ensure the successful adoption of the new Operating Model across the organization.


Impact Makers’ approach to this engagement was one of collaboration, transparency, and setting the client up for success as they continued along their operating model transformation journey after the engagement with IM came to an end. The approach included:
  • Current state assessment via document reviews, 1:1 interviews, and deep dive discussions
  • Future state alignment among the program team and key stakeholders​
  • Creation of artifacts to communicate the Operating Model change such as operating model principles and roadmap, training courses, playbooks, and a tailored OCM framework
  • Implement the Operating Model change following a detailed Change Management Plan


Operating Model Development, Organizational Change Management (OCM), Metrics, Use Cases, Interviewing Stakeholders, Program Management, Project Management, Coaching 

The Results

By engaging with Impact Makers, the financial services client gained:
  • A tailored value-driven Operating Model that reflected the client’s culture and vision
  • Valuable insights into their staff, managers, and business stakeholders
  • A successful initiation of the Operating Model transformation with enthusiasm, consistent messaging, clear communication, and a change management plan
  • A detailed roadmap for further developing the operating model through empowered teams with playbooks
  • A detailed plan for developing and monitoring metrics to show progress along their operating model transformation journey
  • A framework for implementing a Change Champion Program to continue engaging teams and empowering staff