Case Study

IT Security Assessment

Higher Education

We helped a centralized IT division gain insight into the effectiveness of their IT Security Program.


Our client, a centralized IT division for community colleges, was struggling to ensure its information security program was achieving its intended control objectives. They did not have the ability to:
  • Properly incorporate security mandates
  • Conduct security assessments
  • Evaluate the holistic effect of the information security program
Our client hired Impact Makers to conduct IT Security Assessments to help give them an independent perspective of the health of their program.


Impact Makers IT Security experts:
  • Designed a tailored assessment program based on the client’s specific information security requirements and Center for Internet Security (CIS) guidelines.
  • Conducted IT security assessments of a representative sampling of the member colleges
  • Provided a comprehensive report of the findings


Cyber Security - IT security assessment

The Results

Based upon the assessment and report provided by Impact Makers, the client was able to:
  • Confirm the level of security control they had over their member colleges
  • Identify areas for enhancing their level of security control
  • Have a roadmap for ways they could improve the management of their information security program.