Case Study

Process Automation with Low Code


We helped a non-profit automate manual processes allowing them to better serve the community.


Our client’s social workers were spending 50% of their time documenting clients’ needs across multiple systems, allowing less time to focus on client care. Each of these systems:
  • Housed similar data
  • Required manual formatting
  • Did not communicate data between systems​
Our client wanted to free their social workers time to focus more client care but did not have the in-house skills to analyze or improve their processes.


Impact Makers’ team of automation and process experts:
  • Analyzed the data within the multiple systems
  • Performed data mapping between the systems to ensure accuracy of client needs
  • Built a bot to automate the data movement from one core system to the others​


Low-code bot creation - Data mapping - System and Data Analysis

The Results

As a result of engaging with Impact Makers:
  • Social workers were able to use their regained capacity to improve client services​
  • Instant data movement between systems enabled faster service delivery to clients