Case Study

Regionally Standardizing IT

Public Sector

We put organizational change management in place to gain employee acceptance and support and ensure ultimate success of new IT initiatives.


A national organization comprised of several semi-independent regional offices providing mission critical services to thousands of businesses needed to standardize IT services across all internal IT environments to improve security, development and operational workflows.

The organization needed to transition from a traditional hierarchical organizational structure to a more engaging, secure, stable and productive environment; however, it faced significant distrust and disengagement in the workforce, which put the entire project at risk.


  • Provided a structured approach to planning, implementing and measuring any change initiative within the enterprise
  • Developed an organizational change management (OCM) competency center to manage rapid change anticipated by the client for the foreseeable future
  • Designed a framework, as well as the tools, to integrate OCM into their organizational planning process
  • Reoriented organizational success metrics from ones based purely on technical achievement to ones that incorporate employee adoption


Organizational Change Management - Player/Coaching - Management & IT Consulting

The Results

  • An industry standard OCM framework, ADKAR by Prosci, provided a structured approach to facilitate change at individual and organizational levels
  • Improved communication and expectations which enabled organization to gain support and acceptance from employees (as they were unaware of the extent to which employees were frustrated and mistrusted change decisions before initial project assessment)
  • Change readiness and risk assessments of impacted stakeholder groups that identified existing gaps in capacity, competency and sponsorship
  • Overall awareness and understanding of OCM including educating and coaching a highly technical organization to factor employee change considerations of change into planning
  • Strategies, plans and competencies to support sustainability and long-term success