Cloud-Based Desktop Solution for Remote Workers

April 1, 2021

It’s common that a company’s core systems are monolithic and not available via the public web. To achieve work-from-home capability with a variety of systems whether Windows, Linux, vendor COTS, etc., consider the following architecture patterns for desktop as a service (DaaS):

  • Encrypt and safely guarding traffic to the remote desktop and any sensitive data
  • Include default tools for managing remote employees
  • Access to the cloud desktop from remote worker/ telecommuter computers, web browsers, tablets, bring your own device
  • Enable automated backups
  • Control the identities allowed to access the remote desktop
  • Stop any data exfiltration from the remote desktop to the client machine
  • Remove admin permissions from the remote desktop user


Using AWS Workspaces, we tailor a solution that delivers a secure, consistent remote work experience – everything from standard to performance computers, and the ability to quickly respond to ever-changing business needs. All computers are cloud-enabled so you don’t have an upfront purchase of enterprise hardware, and you have complete visibility to pay-as-you-go pricing.

Benefits of this solution include:

  • Secure data protection for your business
  • Protected and controlled internet access for remote workers
  • Pay for only what you use, no long-term or upfront investment
  • Easily scale up or down
  • Automatic shutdown of desktops for security
  • Easy provisioning of desktops to get your team operational
  • Reliable platform
  • Includes common software and add-ons like online meeting and video conferencing

Our cloud team can help get remote desktops up and running quickly, learn more about us here.



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