The New Normal

November 22, 2020

Much more than a disruption, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing a new reality. Beyond the heavy toll on lives, families and businesses, this pandemic will leave a lasting mark on what we value, and how we interact with one another in our communities. The long-term impact on business will also be profound. To succeed in the next normal, enterprises have the opportunity to:

Achieve resiliency in operations to meet the immediate needs of customers, associates and other stakeholders.

Adjust 2020 and 2021 strategic plans, operations, and financials for successful near-term recovery.

Reimagine services and uncover innovation by understanding the post-COVID business dynamics within their sector.


The need for integrated, trusted, easily understood data across business silos has been underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic as organizations seek visibility into key performance, operating and business health metrics. Transparency of data now will enable critical, informed decisioning and position businesses for success in both the short and long term.



Businesses can improve their resiliency and accelerate the path to recovery by embracing agility. Enterprises will need to reimagine their strategy across customer, people and technology to adapt and activate their business post-COVID.



COVID accelerated the already rapidly evolving security and risk environment, requiring firms to respond to rapidly changing needs. This presents businesses with new risks and security threats. Organizations must develop and implement measures not only to safeguard themselves from immediate harm, but also to protect from additional disruption.



COVID’s impact to financial entities reaches well beyond the balance sheet. Firms are navigating providing hardship flexibility to customers, volatile markets, evaluating a new environment for lending, and skyrocketing customer-service volumes.



COVID is at its core a healthcare crisis and our brave front line healthcare workers are leading the charge in the battle against the virus. Health insurance companies are also working quickly to ease the constraints facing our health system. The need for fast action and collaboration has never been greater.



Federal, state, and local agencies are at the forefront in leading and coordinating COVID response. From serving as a reliable source of accurate information, to providing and coordinating resources to mitigate the social, medical, and economic effects of COVID, to continuing to provide business-as-usual service to meet urgent citizen needs, public sector agencies are on point to deliver.


As a B Corp, the belief that we have a responsibility to our communities is at the core of everything we do and serves as our North Star. Our technical depth and strong business acumen uniquely position us to provide risk management support during COVID-19. Our consultants are here to help reduce the friction of adopting new tools and technologies, to ensure your people are positioned for productivity, and to guide your organization in implementing a risk management plan with minimal disruption.