June 21, 2023
Jim Blizzard

Priyam Mehta, Consultant, joined Impact Makers in 2022

Why did you choose Impact Makers?

I chose Impact Makers because it stands out in my work experience. I have never encountered a company that strikes such a remarkable balance between being for-profit and non-profit, making it one of the best B Corps. What caught my attention were the people and the working environment. The leadership is exceptionally effective and communicative, and the mentors are supportive rather than judgmental. The friendly atmosphere is devoid of politics and negativity. I found the employees to be knowledgeable, honest, and driven by a desire to create lasting impact rather than solely focusing on sales. The client-first culture is highly valued.

Equally important are the outstanding benefits offered by Impact Makers. With unlimited paid time off, comprehensive insurance coverage, and numerous perks for being an Imer, it truly demonstrates care for its employees. Additionally, I was impressed by the opportunities for professional development. Within just six months of joining, I had the chance to obtain various professional certifications. The company places great emphasis on providing continuous learning opportunities, ensuring that being part of the Impact Makers community is beneficial for the overall development of the employee.

Overall, the combination of Impact Makers’ unique organizational philosophy, supportive work environment, exceptional benefits, and commitment to professional growth make it an ideal choice for me. I am proud to be part of the Impact Makers community.

What is the thing you like most about Impact Makers?

The company’s commitment to making a positive impact in the world while maintaining a successful business model is truly inspiring. It aligns with my personal values and allows me to contribute to meaningful work while also enjoying the benefits and opportunities of a thriving organization. What truly sets this organization apart, in my opinion, is the incredible culture and environment that has been meticulously crafted by our amazing team.

The transparency within Impact Makers is truly commendable. Open communication flows freely, allowing everyone to be well-informed and engaged. There’s no need to worry about hidden agendas or office politics here. Instead, we can focus wholeheartedly on our work, knowing that our voices are heard and valued.

One of the most significant aspects that make Impact Makers exceptional is the absence of the anxieties associated with feeling alone. The sense of belonging within this community is unparalleled. We are a united team, driven by a shared purpose and a genuine desire to support one another. It’s a level of teamwork and camaraderie that I have never experienced in any of my previous work environments.

What would you say to a candidate who is considering IM?

If you are seeking an opportunity for personal and professional growth, diverse experiences with various clients, professional certifications, job security, incredible benefits, and a chance to be part of an organization with a noble goal and culture, all while being fairly compensated, then look no further. Impact Makers is the perfect place for you.

Which of Impact Makers’ shared values resonate most with you?

I am truly amazed by the exceptional values and culture that define Impact Makers. The openness, trust, and unwavering support they provide create an environment of collaboration and creativity. Communication flows freely, promoting teamwork and a sense of unity. What sets Impact Makers apart is their client-first mentality, driving a sense of purpose in making a lasting impact. The opportunities for growth and recognition make it a truly inspiring organization to be a part of. I am honored to contribute to their mission and values.

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