June 21, 2023
Jim Blizzard

Tamara Highsmith, Senior Consultant, joined Impact Makers in 2023

Why did you choose Impact Makers?

The mission-driven nature and reputation of the firm caught my attention. The nature of the work, the organizational values, and the people that I met made me want to join this community. 

What is the thing you like most about Impact Makers?

The collaborative nature of not only the people at Impact Makers but our clients as well makes every day enjoyable. When you know you are welcomed on the job site and have supportive colleagues, our role as trusted advisors is supercharged. 

What would you say to a candidate who is considering IM?

If you’re curious, approachable, knowledgeable but not a know-it-all, and know how to accomplish the work while having fun, you will be a great fit with us.  

Which of Impact Makers’ shared values resonate most with you?

With such strong values, it’s challenging to pick one that means the most. Make a Lasting Difference resonates with me because it seems to incorporate all of the other values. When we think about our clients and colleagues, we can’t make a lasting difference unless we’re maximizing integrity, fostering collaboration, and caring deeply.  

Make a Lasting Difference is the lens I use to approach every day with the client. It is not only the way to evaluate my actions and the direction taken, but to ensure that my focus is on the long term.  

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