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Advanced Analytics Enablement:
Not as audacious as you might think.

Partner with Impact Makers and turn your data into deep insights using a faster, less expensive, and more scalable solution.

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Uncover rich business opportunities using an agile approach to advanced analytics.

They aren’t just buzzwords anymore. The demand for data-driven decision-making is insatiable. The solutions to enable needed business intelligence might even seem like too much for some businesses to take on.

Fortunately, it no longer takes a big team, a big budget, or big software to deliver value through advanced analytics. Using an agile approach to data warehousing and analytics, you can generate tangible business value early, without having to engage in an endless implementation project.

With your partners at Impact Makers, you’ll get the technical and business expertise to deploy machine learning, generate and display business intelligence, and process data at a pace that fits your priorities and budget.

Our consultants and engineers deliver the following:


Tie data management and advanced analytics capabilities to your business strategy.


Establish processes to ensure critical data elements are trusted, secure, understood, and usable.


Design a data ecosystem for today’s business needs that that will scale for the future.


Enable insights and decision-making by transforming numbers into meaning and action.

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Our play-by-play guide for constructing an agile data ecosystem provides a starting point as well as tips and strategies for every step of the way.

    88% of analytics leaders saw direct improvement in their competitive position after engaging in analytics initiatives.

    Forbes Insights | Advanced Analytics:
    The Key to Becoming a Data-Driven Enterprise, 2018

    Get Insights Faster with a Scalable Advanced Analytics Solution.

    Impact Makers enables advanced analytics for large and small enterprises – leading enterprise data platform migration projects, and targeted proof-of-value (POV) engagements.

    Our POV Solution focuses on gaining quick wins with advanced analytics. We partner with you to determine the business priorities that tailored data science can most readily impact, select open-source software accessible to your team, and develop accurate, interpretable models that deliver immediate business value.

    We’re platform agnostic and actively partner with the below providers to deploy cloud-based analytics solutions that use your existing data sources.

    Stay ahead of the competition.
    Unlock actionable data with Impact Makers.

    Enable your team to effectively identify and predict events, trends, and opportunities
    that will lead to customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

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