Partnership Announcement- Matillion ETL

December 20, 2021
Impact Makers

As of December 2021, Impact Makers is excited to announce our partnership with Matillion, a rapidly growing solutions provider in the ETL market.  Through this partnership, Impact Makers has gained a valuable resource to assist with our cloud data warehousing projects.

As modern data practitioners, Impact Makers strives to help customers drive business growth and innovation by leveraging their constantly expanding data sources. By harnessing Matillion’s ETL software, our data teams have increased ability to:

  • Build data pipelines in minutes to connect your data sources to leading cloud data platforms
  • Rapidly integrate and transform data in the cloud for BI, data science, and advanced analytics
  • Ensure easy, ready, and rapid access to data for all users to optimize its value

Matillion’s ETL software integrates with virtually any data source, ingests data into leading cloud data platforms, and transforms data so it can be used by leading analytics and BI tools and synced back to the business.

Embrace the power, flexibility, and economics of the cloud

The Matillion ETL tool is cloud native with all data jobs running in your cloud environment for maximum speed, scalability, and efficiency, optimizing both resource and economic consumption.

Purpose built ETL tool for the cloud

Matillion ETL natively supports all major cloud data warehouses and data lakes, including Snowflake, Delta Lake on Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure Synapse, and Google BigQuery, to leverage the full power and benefits of each cloud platform.

Ensure your data is protected and in compliance

Matillion’s ETL tool is deployed and runs inside your cloud data environment, making it easier to meet the security and privacy requirements of your complex data infrastructure.

Information and images provided by Matillion ETL.


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