Choosing the Best Business Fit for RPA

January 16, 2019
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Robotic Process Automation – using bots instead of associates to perform processing tasks – can be an effective way to increase speed and accuracy while redeploying associates on higher-value processes and projects. RPA implementations are commonplace across financial services and healthcare, as both industries have a disparate mix of non-integrated systems and data-intensive processes. However, RPA as a solution has finite value and should be compared against more strategic solutions such as true machine learning, BPMS and microservices integration.

Here’s a framework to help you select the correct RPA use case.

Process or System Characteristic High Low Rationale
Transactional, Multi-Step RPA candidate Processes that have a high volume of rules-based, data entry/data transfer steps can see large cycle time reduction through RPA.
Decisioning Machine Learning candidate RPA candidate Machine Learning should be considered for processes that require that require judgement and varying business rules.
Process & Interface Stability RPA candidate Any change, or “one-off” to the business process or system fields will cause RPA to fail or require multiple bot scripts to be designed.
Monolithic System Architecture RPA candidate Microservices integration candidate Higher-value solutions such as system integration should be considered first. RPA’s sweet spot is for processes running on legacy systems that are intractable, or as a bridge solution while integration or replatform is desired future state.
Cost to Decouple or Sunset System RPA candidate Microservices integration candidate If a process/system is cost prohibitive to refactor, consider RPA. If you can rearchitect, consider microservices first.
Speed Required for Improvement RPA candidate BPMS, microservices candidate One of the advantages of RPA is it is relatively simple and quick to implement.

Drop us a note if you’d like to discuss your firm’s use cases for RPA.

By Adam Foldenauer, Financial Services Vertical Lead

With nearly 20 years of experience in financial services and IT consulting disciplines, Adam Foldenauer is a customer-focused account executive and trusted adviser to clients in the banking, mortgage, insurance and financial services sectors.

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