Impact Makers is now a Select Snowflake Partner

April 29, 2021
Impact Makers

Impact Makers is excited to announce its recent Select Partner Certification with Snowflake. As a part of the Snowflake partner network, clients seeking to get the most out of an existing Snowflake Data Cloud or want to build new can rely on Impact Makers to provide expert advice and implementation services while also tapping a multitalented network of engineers in order to tackle the most complex challenges.

As data and analytics capabilities rapidly advance, the IT landscape is continuously shaped by innovation in the realm of data infrastructure. As data sources multiply and models get more complex the need to simplify administration and introduce scale demands a powerful technological solution. Fortunately, Snowflake introduces cost savings on both sides of the solution while enabling teams to scale and innovate, such as seamlessly and securely sharing access to data and tools across organizations and user types.

First, because of the baked-in simplicity of Snowflake, engineers that build on the platform no longer have to spend valuable time on resource planning at the outset and can get to work integrating data sources and building data solutions. Once implemented, Snowflake’s platform is near zero-maintenance further reducing the time required to keep the solution in place. Second, with Snowflake, you only pay for the compute power and storage you use, with fees scaling up, down, and out with usage. Storing data in Snowflake costs the same as raw storage on other cloud platforms, further reducing organizational IT costs.

Through our partnership with Snowflake, Impact Makers is committed to extending data solutions to our customers that are more cost-effective to build and administer but that also open valuable opportunities for sharing data across teams, with partners, and with the public where necessary. Because of its robust security and governance features as well as data science and data applications living on the platform, providing data and tools to users in your organization is simple and secure with Snowflake.

Impact Makers is among an initial group of Select Snowflake partners under the Services partnership program. Future milestones include a graduation to Elite Partner status as we continue to design and implement cloud-native data solutions for our clients, and more members of our team achieve certification.

If you have an existing data solution on the Snowflake platform or want to achieve your data goals using a scalable and cost-effective solution, reach out to an Impact Makers consultant for a complimentary consultation. We work with enterprise organizations and public sector agencies to architect and deliver tailored data innovations that save money, enable improved experiences, and solve real world problems with analytics that were previously unsolvable. Whether your organization is looking for a local Snowflake partner in the Richmond, Virginia, region or if you have an international footprint, we’re ready to solve it for you.

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